Will I EVER Be Happy? — How To Be Happy With Yourself


 Keep asking “Will I ever be happy?” Wondering just how to be happy with yourself? Don’t worry, there is an answer to both those questions. The answer to “will I ever be happy” is yes , if  you learn to let go of your thoughts and to live in the moment. You see, it turns out that psychologists, philosophists, spiritualists and even doctors have all agreed the way how to be happy with yourself is to develop mindfulness. 

“Will I Ever Be Happy?” YES. The key to how to be happy with yourself lies in mindfulness


Millions of people all ask the same questions: What is happiness? Where does happiness come from? Will I ever be happy? What are some ways how to be happy with yourself. Probably every person on the planet has asked these questions at some point in their lives. They seek out tips for happiness in life, read pages and pages of books on the subject, watch movies, listen to lectures and speeches all designed to help them to find happiness.

There is, however, one inherent problem with this search for being happy, one limitation to all articles that aim to tell you how to get happiness in life. That problem is that they take attention away from the present moment.

Why is that such a problem? Because authentic happiness (a coin termed by positive psychology) is nothing more than acceptance of the present moment. Happiness is found by focussing on the moment, on your environment, not by thinking about how t be happy with yourself and by plaguing yourself with such questions.  With this in mind, it‘s not an exaggeration to say there are no ways to find happiness. There is, however, a way have happiness find you

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