Why is Spirituality Important? — The Importance of Spirituality

Spirituality Matters

Why is spirituality important and what specifically is the importance of spirituality. We’ll answer those questions in just a moment, but first, let’s demystify spirituality.


These days, the word “spiritual” is too easily confused with the word “religion.” In many ways, religion has adversely affected the approachability of spirituality. I’m not about to bash religion—either you’re religious or you’re not and frankly it makes little difference to this article and should also make little difference to your view of spirituality. For  the reality of the fact is that religion and spirituality are completely different things. Some people, when asking “Why is spirituality important / what is the importance of spirituality” make the mistake of lumping it in with religion, but they are not the same.

Religion is communal and implies adherence to an external structure of morality and belief system. Spirituality is personal. Spirituality can take any form. It is freedom of belief. Spirituality implies nothing more than believing in something and living by and for some set of principles.

There are a great many scientifically proven benefits of spirituality. Click through to the next page to learn why spirituality is so important.


Health Benefits

more-buttonSpirituality. . .

  • health-benefits-spiritualityis a stress reliever
  • Spirituality improves health
  • Spirituality results in less fear of death.
  • Spirituality gives meaning and purpose to everyday life.
  • Spirituality helps an individual see the beauty in life and hence to be happier.
  • Spirituality helps with forgiveness
  • Spirituality helps to create positive senses like awe.
  • Spirituality helps prevent depression.
  • Spirituality has anti-aging properties
  • Spiritual people are known to live healthier live.