Why Does My Life Suck – The Truth


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 Keep asking yourself “Why does my life suck?” There are ten likely culprits of why your life sucks.

Why Does My Life Suck – Top 10 Reasons

In this article we will be sharing ten positive thinking exercises that will get you to wake the f**k up and smell the roses. . . 



Why Does My Life Suck? Reason 10: Because you don’t know what to do

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A lot of people get stuck in a rut where they basically have absolutely no clue what to do with themselves.  There are two solutions to this problem: 1) do the first thing that comes to mind, because it’s better to do anything than nothing. 2) Meditate. When you meditate you silence your thoughts and allow yourself to get back into the moment.


 Why Does My Life Suck? Reason 9: Because you’re afraid

Oftentimes, we know what we want from life, but we’re too afraid to get it. The best example of this is when you have a crush you’re afraid to ask out. Instead of plucking up the courage and asking the other person out, you keep telling yourself that you suck and that you’re incapable because, in a lot of ways, that’s easier than facing the fear and doing what you really want to do.  If you’re afraid, this video on should sort you out.

Why Does My Life Suck? Reason 8: Because you have no appreciation

There isn’t one person on the face of the planet who doesn’t have something to be thankful for. The poorest man in the world, alone, in the cold of night has the stars. There is always something. You need to challenge those negative thoughts and force yourself to find something positive. If you need some appreciation. .. well, actually, we’ve got a lot of articles on that here.quotes-about-gratitude-happiness-life-sucks

Why Does My Life Suck? Reason 7: Because you’re lonely


Loneliness will completely destroy a person emotionally (that much I can say for sure from personal experience). You need to go out and chat to people. If you’re really lonely, it doesn’t even matter who you talk to, just talk to anyone. Find someone else who is lonely (there are a lot of people) and talk to them. Companionship is immensely important. And if you can’t talk to another person (perhaps because of social anxiety, for instance) then you can always get a pet. Pets make amazing companions.

Why Does My Life Suck? Reason 6: Because you’re self obsessed


Self obsession is a killer. I know from personal experience that thinking entirely about yourself will f**k you up. After I was bullied severely at school I entered a mode where it was me VS the world. NEWS FLASH: That mentality aint going to get you anywhere. A human being needs to be compassionate and empathetic. Stop thinking about yourself and help someone else. Perhaps that person will then help you out in return.


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Give a man health and a course to steer, and he'll never stop to trouble about whether he's happy or not. -- George Bernard Shaw