Why Does Life Suck So Much? Help With Depression and Depressive Thoughts


 Why does life suck so much? Here’s part two of our look at why you think your life sucks. . . 


Why Does Life Suck? The Top 5 Reasons

If you’re generally thinking that life sucks, it’s important to ask if you’re suffering from depression. If you’ve been thinking life sucks for a long time, you may be showing the symptoms of depression, in which case consult a healthcare professional to get help with depression. If you’re just a little down at the moment, here are the top 5 reasons why you’re feeling that way. . .

Why Does Life Suck So Much? Reason 5: Because you’re comparing yourself to others.

There will always be people better off than you. There will always be people worse off than you. If you spend your life comparing yourself to those who are currently better off than you, you’ll always look like you have it bad in comparison. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, just  accept your own life as it is, love it and cherish it.


Why Does Life Suck So Much? Reason 4: Because it didn’t turn out as you planned it.

Maybe you thought you’d be a famous rock musician or a wall street stockbroker. Maybe life didn’t turn out that way. Honesty, I don’t think a single day in my life has ever turned out as planned. So what. You are where you are now, regardless of how you got there and regardless of what you previously thought you would be. Make the most of now. Live in the moment.life-is-full-of-surprises-quotes

Why Does Life Suck So Much? Reason 3: Because you keep saying it sucks

Fact of the matter is you may have gotten in to the habit of thinking negatively. If you continually ask yourself “Why does my life suck” you will continually find answers. When you say that line, you are forcing your brain to come up with ways in which your life sucks. Why not try asking, “Why is my life great?” instead? This will make you get in the habit of looking at the good points of your life. This one habit change could lead you from being a pessimist to an optimist.

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