Why Am I So Unlucky?! The Truth About Luck


Keep asking yourself “Why am I so unlucky”? Are you gambling money and losing every time? Taking the wrong financial advice? Betting on sports teams and losing? Unlucky in love? Whatever it is, there’s something you need to know: you make your own luck

why-am-i-so-unlucky Instead of asking “why am I so unlucky” (in life, in love or anywhere else) you need to learn how to create luck by seeing the oppurtunities right in front of your eyes. Trust me, luck is in your life, you just need to tap into it. In this article we’ll reveal why you’ve been unlucky up to now and how you can turn your luck around.

Why am I So Unlucky?! Because you dont understand what luck is

Luck. Some people have it, some people don’t. And you want to be one of the chosen few who happen, oh so incidentally, upon success, wealth, love and happiness as though by chance, don’t you, my friend? You want to stop asking “Why am I so unlucky” and become one of the few people who seem to have it ll given to them.

But how exactly can you become lucky? After all, luck isn’t something we achieve or even something we can work on, is it? Luck is illusive, an intangible idea, a word we say to express something that seems to happen as though incidentally.


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