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This is Why Youre So Emotional, And How To Stop Being So Emo

“Why am I so emotional?” I used to ask myself that question all the time. As any masters in positive psychology or any good life coaching courses will tell you, mastering your emotions is key in life. But how can we stop being so emotional? This guide has the answer.

Lots of people wonder how they can stop being so emotional, which is why emotional rehab centers around the country are flooded. Most of us aren’t severely emotional–we’re not suffering from emotional depression symptoms — we could just do with being made of slightly thicker stuff. Thankfully, our online positive psychology course has the answers.

Thankfully, once you understand the science of emotions you can take control of how you are feeling and learn to control your feelings and emotions.

How to control your emotions

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Did your upbringing make you emotionally sensitive?

Though we have covered many different types of self help on this site, ranging from positive psychology courses to life coaching courses, the best way to stop being emotional came from a very different source, which I’ll share below.
Before we discuss how to stop being so emotional, let me tell you my own answer to why I was so emotional myself.  Because believe me, I used to beg myself all the time, “Why am I so emotional? Why am I so emotional? Why, Why WHY am I so emotional. . . ?!”

I was always extremely emotional because I had, for many many years, lived in a rather turmoil and explosive environment. There was a lot of arguing in my home when i was younger and a lot of emotion. Because of this, I essentially became conditioned to think that any minor issue would lead to a full blown argument and a lot of emotional pain. That mindset made me incredibly sensitive to anything negative and in turn made me very emotionally sensitive. But that was before I learned how to stop being so emotional, which I’ll share on the next page.



more-buttonActing is one subject I discuss a lot  (not surprising, given that I’m an actor. . .). And I like to think I discuss acting in an innovative manner.

No life coaching. No positive psychology. Acting. WEIRD, but true.

You see, acting is more than getting on a stage and speaking lines.  Genuine acting is about learning to live as a fictional character, about literally thinking and feeling what a fictional character would think and feel. And if acting can enable us to bring to life a character that doesn’t even exist. .  .well, surely then it can help us to become the person we really want to be too, and if that’s the case, then acting is naturally very closely related to self development and self improvement. Acting is the number one kind of emotional depression rehab, the number one mental health resource, as we are about to show.

How to stop being so emotional through method acting.

It really is amazing how acting can help with mental health disorders (which is why, I suppose, acting has entered into the realm of art therapy and is used in places like prison rehabilitations, among other areas).




Acting Reveals how to stop being so emotional 

There are a million positive psychology tips to be learnt from acting, yet one seems to stand out above the rest. That tip, or law, or life-changing truth, is that emotions precede thoughts.

Thoughts, essentially, are a by-product of emotion. If you feel positive, you’ll think positively. If you feel negative, you’ll think negatively. What’s more, through method acting you can learn to make yourself feel however you want to feel.

When you put those two facts together, you realise that method acting can make you feel how you choose to feel, and by creating your feelings you can create the way you think.  (You don’t need to be a pro-actor to make use of this by the way. In a moment I’ll reveal how even someone with absolutely zero acting experience can immediately begin to make use of this information. ).



Even with no acting experience, acting is still the best way how to stop being so emotional. 

For me, this revelation was a huge breakthrough. I used to think my personality was shaped by the way I thought. Before I began acting I was awfully shy, and a large part of the reason for my shyness was because I’d experience a thought like, “I can’t talk in public” and would take it for granted. Oh, okay, my self-talk would go, I best just stay quiet then.

But then the lightning bolt: My thoughts are just a by-product of my emotions. My thoughts weren’t the problem. The way I was feeling was the problem. I needed to find some way of feeling positive, because feeling positive would make me think I could speak to whoever I wanted to speak to, and then I’d be able to do it, to overcome my shyness. So, how could I control my emotions?

I learned how to stop being so emotional by facing a fear. . .

Ironically, the answer came from my biggest fear: being on stage. Actors, it seemed, were the most talented people in the world at controlling their emotions. If I could learn how an actor controlled their emotions then I could learn to change how I was feeling, and that in turn would change what I was thinking, and with positive thinking and positive feeling I’d be certain to be able to talk to anyone I wanted.

This is the tool I want to give to you now. You might wish to use it, as I did, to overcome shyness, or for any other goal you have in life. Really, the possibilities are endless. I mean just imagine it: complete control of your thoughts and emotions.  Sounds good? Cool; here’s how to do it and how to stop being so emotional.

This self development exercise is probably the number one tool used by all method actors as well. . . just in case you suddenly feel inspired to go to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art or something. .  . 

  So, there we are, the most unique article on our life coaching courses and online positive psychology course.  

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