Why Am I Alive — Finding Purpose in Life


                       Finding Your Life’s Purpose


We all ask “Why am I alive?” Some of us near obsess over the question. “Why am I alive?” How do I find purpose in life? What’s it all about?”

Questions do not provide answers. Yes, it’s one of life’s fun little quirks, the fact that asking questions will never provide answers. Asking questions simply provides more questions. Why am I alive? So I can be happy. But what’s the point in being happy? Cause it’s fun. Well, yes, but what’s the point in… .  Oh, shut up! Jeez. 

Asking the question won’t get you the answer. But there is one very powerful technique that will enable you to discover your purpose in life. In this article we’ll share the all powerful technique that will allow you to discover why you are alive and what your purpose in life is.




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