Chris Gardner The Pursuit of Happyness : Streets To Stock Broker Companies

The real Chris Gardner (of “The Pursuit of Happyness” fame) is the perfect role model for anyone hoping to turn their life around, having gone from homeless to working for stock broker companies. On this page, you’ll discover the real Chris Gardner and his secrets to success, but first let’s start with some key facts about Chris Gardner.

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Facts About The Real Chris Gardner

How much is the real Chris Gardner worth? £165 million

What are some Chris Gardner Books? The Pursuit of Happyness & Start Where You Are

How old is Chris Gardner Jr? he was born January 28 1981, so 31

Jackie Medina & Chris Gardner: Jackie Medina is mother of Chris Gardner’s only son

Chris Gardner’s Ex Wife? Sherry Dyson. They divorced in 1986.

Favourite Chris Gardner Quote: The Cavalry aint coming.

What about

Chris Gardner’s Childhood? One setback after another, with no contact with his father and an abusive step father. His mother was later imprisoned, she was Chris Gardner’s main role model (the quote above was originally hers)
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Why is the story of the real Chris Gardner so important?

No matter whether you’re a business leader looking for motivational stories for employees, an entrepreneur in need of a spiritual uplifting, an unemployed person looking for inspiration to get back on the right track or anyone else, Chris Gardner’s life and story is one you would do well to soak up in its fullness. If life if full of lessons then Chris Gardner’s life is a master’s degree in psychology and philosophy.

Played by Will Smith in the inspirational movie The Pursuit of Happiness and having been on the New York Times bestsellers list for twenty weeks with The Pursuit of Happiness, the book, the Chris Garnder story is one that has proven itself capable of capturing the hearts of millions. For those who haven’t seen the movie—which sees Will Smith in Chris Gardner’s shoes during the year of homelessness— or read the book— which covers much more ground— Chris Gardner is famous for personifying the rags to riches story. It is for this reason that the first book in which Chris Gardner really aimed to teach life lessons, (the book which shows the real Chris Gardner) Start Where You Are, was hotly anticipated.

Start Where You Are is the book that truly revealed Chris Gardner’s secrets to success, and the genius mind of the real Chris Gardner. This book shows the techniques Chris Gardner used to go from the streets to stock broker companies.  Let’s take a look at some of the lessons the book offered.

Lessons from The Real Chris Gardner and Start Where You Are

Start Where You Are is comprised of 44 self improvement tips or lessons that Gardner claims are the keys to his personal success. These 44 lessons are in turn grouped into six sections. Let’s take a look at the lessons the real Chris Gardner shares with us.

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