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Transform Your Life Now With Powerful Subconscious Mind Techniques


Learn how to train your subconscious mind

In this easy exercise you’ll learn how to train your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the most powerful part of your being, capable of helping you lose weight and get in shape, make money, find love and anything else. If you’ve a goal in your life, your subconscious mind is your key to attaining it.

Example of using the subconscious mind

The subconscious mind is something of a lawyer when it comes to facts. For this reason it is very important to state our objective correctly. Normally, in this scenario, we might think something like,  ‘I have to go to the gym, but it’s going to hurt.’ This sentence is what we may consider realistic – our muscles may well hurt as we exercise – and should we say this to ourselves it almost certainly will become a reality because we will get what we asked for.



Making your subconscious mind work



A better way to express our aim would be, ‘I am having fun at the gym and am pleased I am still fit.’ To some, this statement might seem unrealistic – fun… at the gym…? – but if we can just bring ourselves to say it, we will start our subconscious down the route of associating the gym with fun, not only making us want to go, but making the experience itself more enjoyable. This is the first step: state your objective in a positive way.



  Thinking Positively

Now that we are stating our objective positively, we need to translate our statement into a language our subconscious mind can understand. To do this, we need to take the words, ‘I am having fun at the gym and am pleased that I am still fit,’ and translate them into images, sounds and feelings. Allow yourself to imagine many positive images, sounds, feelings and self talk that will produce the sensation of having fun at the gym. This will get your subconscious mind power working towards your conscious goal (to enjoy being at the gym).



  Meditate to access your subconscious mind

This bit is optional, but  meditating and silencing the conscious mind helps our subconscious mind power to take effect.  You can meditate wherever and whenever is convenient for you, and the basic meditation of closing your eyes focussing on your breath is perfectly adequate for this exercise.






  Use your imagination

Now we need to bring the images, sounds and feelings from Part 2 to mind. The aim here is to make all stimuli as large, vibrant and realistic as possible. Allow yourself to be responsive to your imaginings and really pay attention to the imaginary scene your subconscious mind is painting.


  Chill: You got this

training-subconscious-relaxOnce you feel that the process has taken effect – it will be evident – simply open your eyes and immediately think of something different. Remember, our conscious thoughts can stir our subconscious. By focussing our conscious mind entirely on something different, we allow our internal representation of the gym to take place in our subconscious, where it will change form towards the desire we expressed.





  Achieving Your Goal

train-subconscious-5The above process has a million applications. It is principally used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming to create the motivation with which to achieve our goals and is applicable to limitless avenues in life. Try it on various stimuli to which you would like a different response, or to motivate yourself towards whatever goal you may have.



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