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Quotes About Aging and Aging Gracefully



On this page we’ll be sharing the best famous quotes about age and aging gracefully. If you happen to know a great quotes about age or aging gracefully, please share it in a comment at the bottom. Please like and share this page!



Quotes About Age and Aging Gracefully






“The beauty of women with passing years grows!”

― Audrey Hepburn


“It is not a question of how old you are, but a question of how you are old.”

― Jules Renard


“The best is yet to be.”

― Robert Browning


“If it seems as though things are under control, you’re not going fast enough.” — Mario Andretti


“The more candles on my cake, the more exercise I get blowing them out.”

― Donna Lynn Hope


 Age: it’s too high a price to pay for maturity.

Tom Stoppard 


Aging isn’t youth lost but a new stage of opportunity

Betty Friedan


Aging is fun so long as you can lay back and enjoy it.

Clint Eastwood 


Wrinkles only show where smiles have been.

Mark Twain 


The older I grow the less attention I pay to what men say  .

Andrew Carnegie 


Aging happens to be the only way of living a long life.

Kitty O’Neill Collins 


Fear of aging is nothing but vanity.

Leighton Meester 


In growing old a man becomes a child again.



“Make sure you don’t die before  embracing the adventure your life is supposed to be.” — Steve Pavlina


“Only those who take the risk of going too far can ever discover how far they can go.” — T.S Eliot


I love aging. For what reason should I wish to be 21 my whole life?

Zoe Saldana 


I am aging, and the world sees it

Ray Romano


“We have nothing but the present moment, sparkling like a star, melting like a snowflake.” — Marie B. Ray

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