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questions-to-ask-a-girl-to-get-to-know-herSo you want to know what good questions to ask a girl to get to know her? And I’m guessing you have probably searched online for a lot of different advice about getting women, right?  And all that advice is now sitting in your head, doing little more than confusing you, right? Probably confuses you so much that when you actually talk to women you sit there like a retarded donkey wondering whether to be “alpha male” or “cocky comedy” and end up being an ass. Right? And you think I’m going to give you more information to confuse you even more about how to get girls?


Why the hell would I tell you something you already know?!

No. I’m not going to tell you what to say. Instead, I’m going to prove to you that you already know what you should say, and then I’m going to make you say it. Click NEXT to get started.