Money is Evil — Is Money The Route of All Evil?

It;s said that money is evil and that money is the route of all evil. But is that really true? I used to believe so, but then I had a spark of realisation.

¬†Money is Evil — Is Money The Route of All Evil?

For the longest time I have had a problem with money. And when I say for the longest time I mean every day of my life until ten seconds ago. You see, I’m writing this after a surge of inspiration (as I write most of my articles on here). Anyway. . . I have always thought that money is evil, and this thought has affected me entire life. I’ve had trouble asking for money for things, often working for free, making significantly less than I had the potential to, simply because of my obsessive thought that money is saw through this obsessive thought and was able to see money in a whole new light.

What I’m about to say, for many, will be the biggest “Well, DUH!” statement ever (probably). For others, however, who believe that money is evil, I’d like to ask one simple question. Just put aside, for one moment, the thoughts of big evil money grabbing corporations, of fat cats with sharp claws, of greed and everything else. . . just forget about those A-holes for one sec answer this one question;

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