How To Remove Negative Thoughts–How to stop thinking negative thoughts


In a moment I’ll discuss how to remove negative thoughts so you know how to stop thinking negative thoughts. But before we get to that, let me state that I believe that we have negative thoughts for a reason. I believe life teaches us what we need to know, when we need to know it.

I believe negative emotions arise not because a situation or circumstance is bad, but because we ourselves are unable to see the good in it. Life is always right. Sadly, we are not always able to see the truth for what it is. Thankfully, this simple exercise will shot how to remove negative thoughts but also how to learn to see the positive truth in the subject /event / person that you are thinking about.


How To Remove Negative Thoughts Step 1

Bring your negative thought to mind. Allow the image or the thought to enter your mind. Now, rathert than immediately forcing this negative thought aside, allow it to settle in your mind. Remember, it is only a thought / image, it cannot truly harm you. So allow it to stay in you mind for now.

How to stop thinking negative thoughts Step 2

If this negative thought is painful, use this step to make it more comfortable.
Imagine that the negative thought / image is actually a TV channel. See or hear the negative thought / image and realise that it has certain qualities. For instance, if a voice is saying something in your headm, that voice has a tone, a volume, a pitch and so on, and a negative image has colour, zoom, etc. To make the negative thought more comfortable, lessen the quality of the TV. Perhaps make it black and white. Turn the sound down. Change the tone of voices. Just play with that negative thought or image and make the signal weaker. This will make it easier for you to hold the image in your mind comfortably.

How To stop thinking Negative Thoughts Step 3

When you are able to hold the thought in your mind with relative comfort, begin to examine the thought / image (or sound, feeling, whatever the pain is). Allow your mind to investigate it just slowly and comfortably. Always remain comfortable.

How To Remove Negative Thoughts Step 4

Tell yourself that the negative thought is actually a lesson waiting to be learned and that the lesson will help you once you see it for what it truly is. Then continue to examine your negative thought, searching for this lesson. Just look at the image and know that somewhere in it is a truth that will turn negative to positive.

How To Remove Negative Thoughts Step 5

Once you start to feel comfortable doing this, begin to improve the quality of the TV (the mental image, sound etc). Turn the sound up (if there is sound), make the image bigger, brighter, etc. Just make that TV more like HD and then more like cinema and eventually, when you get really really comfortable, like real life.

How To stop thinking Negative Thoughts Step 6

Now that you have played with the TV (the negative thought) you will realise that you have power over it. You are able to make the signal stronger or weaker as you choose. Know that you have power over the negative thought and let that be a comfort.

How To Remove Negative Thoughts Step 7

Continue to investigate the thought for its positive lesson. Just play with the TV. Make it weaker and stronger and just continue to play with it and examine it. Eventually you will hit a moment of realisation. This moment will come out the blue. You wont notice it slowly arising, but a moment will come when all of a sudden you are looking at that negative thought in a very different light. You will know when this moment comes because you will have a physiological reaction; your body will react somehow. You will likely move spontaneously whilst feeling a moment of revelation. This is the lesson life is teaching you. Once you see the beauty in this once negative thought, realise that life is always right, that a negative thought is only negative because you are not looking at it in the right light. This should help with any future negative thoughts.

So, that’s exercise 1 for how to remove negative thoughts / how to stop thinking negative thoughts. The next part is on the next page.

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