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Mind Blowing Exercises For Self Esteem And Self Confidence

On this page we reveal the best ways of improving self esteem, with self esteem activities and self esteem exercises. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person who can be pretty hard on myself. I’m near obsessed with setting goals for myself, always trying to achieve more, but I have an issue with recognising achievements that I’ve already had in life. This is a real weakness of mine, and if you share it, you already know how much it can affect you and particularly how it can cause low self esteem. What’s all the motivation, dedication, commitment and hard work worth if you can’t ever look back and be proud of yourself? It was this mentality of mine that made me need discover the best way of improving self esteem, which is the self esteem activities and exercises we’ll cover below.

Improving Self Esteem Activities and Exercises

An inability to recognise past achievements affects your self esteem greatly. It also affects your general happiness because you struggle to reward yourself for anything. As soon as you achieve something you determine it to not be enough. With this in mind, the best of way of improving self esteem, and the best self esteem activity / exercise, is to think back on past achievements and to value them.

Improving Self Esteem Activity and Exercise

This self esteem exercise will immediately make you feel better about yourself.

The aim of this self esteem activity is simple.  On a worksheet, write fifty achievements you’ve had in life. Then,  for each achievement, write a reason for why it matters and why it is valuable.

As you can see, this exercise for self esteem not only gets you to realise that you have had achievements in life but also to value those past achievements too.

Example of the self esteem activity / exercise

*** I’m going to provide just a few examples here, but make sure you get up to fifty when you do this exercise yourself. ***

Achievement: published in print as a journalist

Why it matters: shows that I have the intelligence and skill to write professionally. Also entertained people.

Achievement: moved country

Why it matters: took a lot of courage and independence. Followed my heart.

Achievement: Performed at Albert Hall

this was just with school btw. I’m not a famous singer on anything LOL. 

Why it matters: I was shy at the time so to sing in front of so many people took guts

Achievement: TouredEngland on stage

Why it matters: Entertained thousands and was committed to my work / art

Achievement: Helped Jeannie get through both Patchy’s passing and her mum’s illness

Why it matters: Took lots of emotional strength and I was incredibly loving.

Achievement: RanLondonMarathon

Why it matters: Shows I have dedication, can commit to a big challenge, can be motivated to train and also raised money to help charity.

This self esteem activity is not hard and should only take around half an hour. Trust me, it will make a big difference! Click the next button, below, for more self esteem activities and exercises.

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