Is Facebook Intentionally Making People Depressed?

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 Did you know that Facebook is commonly making people feel depressed?

Every day, Facebook users are searching Facebook using the following search terms .. .

“Facebook makes me feel depressed.”

“Facebook makes me feel sad.”

“Facebook makes me jealous”

“Facebook makes me insecure”

“Facebook makes me feel lonely. . . “

People are even saying that Facebook makes them fat!



Now, I’m not sure about the last one. But what I do know for a fact is this: Facebook is one of the leading causes of depression in the world.


Yup, of all the reasons to feel depressed, Facebook is one of the absolute most common.

There’s no wonder Facebook makes us feel depressed. We see friends updates all day showing how they’re all socialising, going to events, doing cool things.

But if you’re feeling lonely on Facebook, let me assure you that you most definitely are not alone. In recent research, it was shown that 44% of all Facebook users feel depressed during their visit to the site. Of the reasons for their depression, the most common were:

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