Written on Friday, March 1st, 2013 by @Paul Harrison

Depressed over Money : Cures — How To Overcome Depression Over Money



Trust me, I know what it feels like to be depressed over money. That’s why I researched every method for dealing with money related depression that I could find, every treatment for depression (well, in self help for depression as I dont believe in medication for depression, personally). I would like to introduce the best methods of dealing with depression that I have come across.


Cure for being Depressed Over Money 1 : Mindfulness

Mindfulness is one of the oldest tools in the shed for dealing with forms of depression and anxiety and is a routine fixture on the best persona ldevelopment websites.Mindfullness meditations bring you out of your head—where all that pain and doubt goes on—and into the here and now, where you are more likely to a) get over your depression over money and b) be in a mental position to actually work on your money issues practically. For the full exercise, check the tutorial here : Mindfulness meditation for Depression over Money

Cure for being Depressed Over Money 2 : Your Personal “Stop” Sign

Your Personal “Stop” sign is a really quick exercise that you can begin to use immediately to stop those negative thoughts from arising.  Check it out here : Depression over Money “Stop”Sign

Cure For Being Depressed Over Money 3 : Face It Head On!

Okay; this one takes some balls and I recommend only doing it if you are feeling at least somewhat confident of your ability to handle your depression. It forces you to truly examine the meaning behind your depression and to change the very way you think about your issue. Honestly, this one might have you crying before the end but it definitely is excellent! Check it out here : Facing Depression over Money head on!

Cure for Depression 4: Words

Take five minutes right now to stop and simply read the words in the image below. As you read each word think about its meaning. Think about the positivity of each words. Take your time (this is important) and feel the positivity of the words.
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