Ten Brain Training Techniques to Train the Subconscious Mind

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There are so many different brain training techniques and subconscious mind training techniques these days that it can be hard to know which to use. In this article we take a look at the top ten best brain training and subconscious mind training techniques.

how-to-train-your-subconscious-mindhow-buttonMeditation: Meditation has been proven time and again through scientific studies to offer myriad benefits to the practitioner. Not only does meditation relax your mind, but it also helps boost your health.

Recent scientific studies have proven that meditation helps: Boost the immune system, train the brain, train the subconscious mind, develop love and positive feelings, cures depression, cure anxiety and much more.Meditation is one of the easiest brain training and subconscious mind training techniques in the world. Effectively, all you have to do is take 20 minutes out of your busy day to close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

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do-itHere’s a fun and alternative way to train your brain. Go to Wikipedia and use their Random page generator. Why is this such an amazing brain training / subconscious mind training technique? It’s all to do with neuroplasticity. Most of the time when we learn we learn subjects we already know about and have experience of. A writer, for instance, reads about writing. A doctor reads about the latest health news. And so on.

This isn’t just great for neuroplasticity. You’re just rehashing an old subject. What is much better is when you read a subject you have absolutely no clue about. And the best way to do that is by using a random page generator like the Wikipedia one we gave above. So, generate your random page, read it fully, look up any words you don’t understand and not only will you learn something new, you will also be increasing your neuroplasticity.

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Mindfulness is closely related to meditation. Mindfulness is essentially the practice of being aware and without judgment.

train-subconscious-mind-3A lot of the time in our day to day lives we run on autopilot. And when we’re not running on autopilot we often ignore things. When doing the dishes, for instance, we probably aren’t paying attention to the dishes. We’re more likely thinking about what we’re going to watch on TV.

When we close our eyes to the world in this way, we only succeed in limiting our minds. It is much better that we focus 100% on what we are doing when we are doing. Doing the dishes? Focus on doing the dishes.

Simply by paying attention we learn a great deal about the world, and by practicing acceptance we learn tolerance and develop positive psychological traits like love and a nonjudgmental attitude.

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subconscious-mind-training-4Positive thinking is probably the most easy of all brain training and subconscious mind training techniques, and it’s very easy to do.

The best way to practice positive thinking is to start by being aware of your thoughts. Then, when you notice a negative thought, replace it with a positive. “I’m fat” becomes “I am becoming healthy,” “I am stressed” becomes “I’m developing relaxation and calmness” and so on.
Brain Training and Subconscious Mind Training Technique 5: Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most powerful and most enjoyable brain training and subconscious mind training techniques. Storytelling can be used in several ways. First off, for memory. When you form information into a story you create a structure to the information which helps you to remember it.

But that’s just the beginning .Storytelling can also help to develop positive beliefs that train your subconscious mind, and to develop positive thinking. Want to lose weight? Right a story about yourself, a story in which you go from where you are now to where you want to be—a healthy person. This shows your brain how to achieve what you want to achieve, giving your subconscious mind a roadmap to success.

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how-buttontrain-subconscious-5Visualisation is a technique which has come under scrutiny over recent years. However, the only reason why it has come under scrutiny is because it has been taught the wrong way.

Self help books, as you may know, tell you to imagine yourself at the point of success. In other words, if you’re depressed, imagine yourself happy; if you’re poor, imagine yourself rich and so on.

This is unmitigated bullshit. The right way to use visualisation is to visualise yourself doing the things that will lead to success. So, instead of simply imagining yourself receiving a check for $1 million, imagine yourself working your butt off and doing all the difficult things that will make your success a reality. Visualise yourself doing the thing you need to do in order to get where you want to get.

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subconscious-training-6This is one of the absolute most important brain training techniques and really doesn’t require a genius to understand. If you’re constantly bombarding your mind with all sorts of noisy information (Facebook, Twitter, TV etc) then your brain is naturally going to get tired and not have enough energy to do the important stuff.

Just as you don’t put junk in your body, don’t put it in your mind either.

Discover a complete guide to being your brain’s best friend in Mindfulness and MeditationTechniques for Beginners.

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more-buttonbrain-foodYou are what you eat. That goes for your brain just as it goes for your body. If you want a healthy brain you’re going to need to eat a healthy diet.

That doesn’t necessarily mean changing your diet radically. But it does mean cutting down on refined sugars and caffeine and making sure you eat enough vegetables. You know, the basics.

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training-subconscious-8Love is extremely important to your psyche. The more anger and the more hatred you have the more negatively you are going to think and feel. Conversely, the more love and tolerance you have the more positive you are going to think and feel.

Take ten minutes a day to think about love. Think about the people you love. Think about being more accepting of the people you dislike. Try to develop a program of promoting positive feelings towards other people. This wont only train your brain, it will make you popular too.

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chillStress is going to completely ruin your brain and your subconscious mind. Stress comes from all sorts of sources and it’s important to be aware of them.

Are you stressed at work? What could you do to minimise that stress? Perhaps you could decorate your office with sources of relaxation like plants and relaxing desktop wallpaper. If you’re stressed about a relationship, talk it out. Get things out in the open. If you’re stressed about your health, create a plan for getting healthier. Take charge of your stress. Rid it from your life. Not only will this help your brain but it will also make you a lot happier.

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“Why am I so unhappy”? – Causes of Depression and anxiety

November 3, 2013 // 27 Comments

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Keep asking yourself “Why am I so unhappy?” Then you may have fallen victim of one of the main causes of depression and anxiety. In this article we’ll reveal why you’re feeling depressed and what to do about it. 

why am i so unhappy in life

Let me describe to you a time of personal unhappiness in my life, then tell me if it sounds familiar.

There was a time when I would feel like I have nothing and I would want everything. I was hungry. Hungry for women, for money, for success, for fame (I’m an actor so fame is, in this field, almost like a very large promotion—it’s desired). I craved. I would look at the life I had, determine it as not being good enough and then desire more.

At times, I would get more. There were times when, as an actor, I scored roles I really wanted. There were times when I got lucky in love. There were times when I was popular. I had fortune. Sure, I wasn’t a millionaire and I wasn’t a mega movie star, but I had more than enough to be thankful for. The problem? Instead of being thankful all I could thing was “What next?”

Does this sound familiar to you?

In most society’s around the world today, we are made to want more and more and more. I suppose it is the result of capitalism. Companies want to sell more and more products. How do they sell them? By making you want them. You want the iPhone 700 because the iPhone 699 has been out for a good two months now. .  .. Advertising, social statutes and the idea of “keeping up with the Jones’” makes us feel like we need more and more and more. And guess where it stops? That’s right, nowhere.

You get the iPhone 700, the laptop with the four billion gigs RAM and the Porsche that only last month seemed like a fantasy, you enjoy them for what. . . a week? Then suddenly they’re not good enough and you want the next thing.

It’s not just products. Some people are the same way about relationships. Some people want new relationships all the time, others just want their relationship to get better and better and better, thinking it’s never good enough.

Nothing ever seems good enough.

Sounds like a recipe for depression to me.

The idea of having more and more and more is never going to lead you or I to happiness. We will never be content while looking for faults in things, while looking for ways things could be better.


Lack of contentment is one of the main causes of depression and anxiety


“Why I am so unhappy?” you ask. Because you are caught in the cycle or more and more, better and better. And that cycle is not conducive to happiness nor contentment.

Thankfully, there is a way out of this knot. The way out of this knot of unhappiness is easy to understand, yet a challenge in application. The way out of the knot is this:


Realise is it all bullshit.

why am i so unhappy in life and depressed

Yes. It is bullshit. The idea of needing more and more and more is the most absurd, stupid, depressing and fruitless way you could possibly live your life. You will never genuinely be happy while looking for faults, while asking how things could be better, while wondering what comes next, while desiring the next best thing.

So how do you become happy? The answer is to accept life as it is, to focus on the present moment, to live in the here and now.

As I previously stated, that’s an easy idea to comprehend, but it is perhaps not so easy to apply. That’s why I’m suggesting this list of recommended reading on how to let go and live in the present moment. Some of the articles below are 100% free—you can read them here on this site. The remainder are books to purchase. All of these, however, meet the same aim: they instruct in how to live in the present moment, how to stop the cycle of wanting more and more In other words, they instruct how to be happy, now.


Here are the articles and books I recommend.

 Stop Asking “Why Am I so Unhappy” by reading these. . .

Articles here on ARoleModel.com

Super Happy Man knows how to be happy — do you? — life coach guide to being happy

Will I EVER be happy? — why youre not happy and how to cure it through mindfulness

What makes people happy in life? –positive psychology article

Recommended Books

Mindfulness in plain english  — explains meditation and mindfulness in simple terms. Very useful title.

Authentic Happiness — Positive psychology of happiness. Get this if you’re into science and psychology and want some great exercises on being happy

The Power of Now — living in the present moment and finding inner peace by being present (extremely helpful in getting over the MORE MORE MORE, BETTER BETTER BETTER attitude)

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