7 Mind Blowing Life Lessons You Can Learn From Video Games


Some people say playing video games is a complete waste of time. Pah. Little do they know. We’ve discovered that gaming offers profound life lessons. Here are seven of the most amazing life lessons we’ve learnt from gaming. 7 Mind Blowing Life Lessons From Video Games 1. Don’t forget the trigger: This is the deepest life… Read more »

10 Essential Ways To Have The Self Worth You Deserve

woman doing sports outdoors

Let’s start right now by getting something straight: self worth does not make you an egotist or self centred. The notion that if you value yourself you’re an egomaniac is total, straight-up bullshit. Self worth is about self compassion, about self-respect, about valuing your own person. But the problem is that near all of us… Read more »

10 Things Highly Resilient People Do Differently


We all go through those awful times when it seems as though life itself has conspired against us. Relationships become rocky, we get a bad review at work, we discover a health problem… but we get through. When you face bad times, don’t dwell on the negativity. Instead, bring to mind the most resilient people… Read more »

10 Life Goals To Achieve Before 40

life goals to achieve before 40

At 33 I can feel the big 40 slowly creeping up on me like a stranger in the night. I see a shadow of myself as a 40 year old. I’m not there yet, but soon I’ll look in the mirror and say “Well, here I am, 40.” Eh. It’s not that big a number…. Read more »

5 No Nonsense Ways To Clear Your Mind Before Bed


Do you lie in bed at night with thoughts racing through your mind? Do you struggle to find that calmness and relaxation necessary for you to drift off? If you’re busy or dealing with stress, your mind starts to overflow with thoughts. Then when you lie down your mind is on autopilot talking to itself… Read more »

Breaking Scientific Discovery Shows Chimps Can Cook

chimpanzee cooking human food

For the past hundred years scientific studies have continued to prove just how closely related you and I are to chimpanzees. The latest discovery shows that chimps even have the intellectual abilities required for cooking. It’s a discovery that could have profound implications for human evolution. A new study found that chimpanzees prefer to eat… Read more »

3 Simple Tricks To Add 2 Years To Your Life Span


Your mind is inherently related to your body. Think of the last time you were truly happy and you’ll probably remember that you had a bounce to your step and a smile on your face. Your psychical and mental health are interlinked, the one dependent on the other. We’re at a fascinating time in history,… Read more »

20 Insane Photos That WIll Make Your Hair Stand On End


Your extreme sports friends will love these insane photos. They’ll make your heart race and your hair stand on end. These extreme climbers are absolutely inspiring. After watching what these climbers have done, you’ll probably feel like grabbing some rope and finding a mountain. Why not add some of these crazy daredevil adventures to your bucket-list?