Quotes About Abandonment

On this page we’ll be sharing the best quotes about abandonment. If you know a god inspiring quote about this subject please share it using the comments section below. Please remember to like and share this page, thank you very much.  Best Famous Quotes About Abandonment   Every body is a book of blood; Whenever… Read more »

Best Famous Quotes About Abuse


  On this page we’ll be sharing the best famous quotes about abuse. If you know a famous quotes about abuse, be sure to share it in the comments section below. I’ve included personal notes on each of the quotes which I hope will be helpful. Again, if you’ve any comments to make please get… Read more »

Famous Angry Quotes About Anger


In this list of anger quotes we’ll be sharing many quotes on the psychology of anger, on anger management, and on just generally being really pi**ed off. Quotes about Anger  The person who angers you conquers you.  ~Elizabeth Kenny quotes about anger Get mad, then get over it.  ~Colin Powell   Anger is only one… Read more »

Weight Loss Motivation Quotes


In these weight loss motivation quotes we’ll be looking at quotes from all different countries of the world and at all different times. The only thing these quotes have in common is that they are all positive and all great motivation for weight loss success.   Weight Loss Motivation Quotes Pt1 “The world of success… Read more »

Happy Cat’s Guide To How To Be Happy in Life


Let happy cat teach you how to be happy in life. Happy cat is a master happiness teacher. With Happy Cat’s advice, you will be happy in no time.  Happy Cat’s Guide To How To Be Happy in Life Hello. I’m a cute kitty. I’m a really really happy cute kitty, that’s why they call… Read more »