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How To Make Your Brain Healthy

April 9, 2014 // 0 Comments

With this list of ways how to make your brain healthy, you’ll take complete control of the health of your brain. No matter who you are, what age you are, it’s always important to be aware of your mental health. The more we do to improve our brain’s health, the better we feel and the better we are. There are many different ways how to make your brain healthy. In this list we have included techniques in different areas, ranging from exercise to socialising to lifestyle to diet and beyond. You do not have to use all these techniques. However, we do recommend that you incorporate a list a few techniques from each list.  How To Make Your Brain Healthy #1: Mental Exercises Much as a muscle will atrophy when it is not used, a brain will too. It is important to exercise your brain as you would a muscle, using your mind everyday to maintain and improve your brain’s health. 1.      Don’t rely on computers all the time. Computers might be amazing devices, but they’re not necessarily the best thing for your brain. Use your head instead of a calculator and use your knowledge, rather than a search engine. [...]

They Told Plus Size Model Isabella Delacroix To Stop Modelling; but she’s happy with her body and isn’t about to listen.

March 29, 2014 // 0 Comments

Isabella Delacroix is a plus size fashion model. For years she’s been hearing comments, from both men and women, about how she should either lose weight or cover up her skin. But Isabella isn’t the sort of woman to listen to hate.   Recently, Isabella received an email from a male model. Her response to the email is priceless.   Here’s the email she received.   Isabella,   Why the hell do you continue to embarrass yourself in front of the world? You’re a model, and you’re heavily overweight. It’s gross. You’re not healthy, and, honestly, I hate to say it, but you’re not exactly attractive either. Why don’t you just quit modelling and get a day job? I know you’re happy with your own body– congrats? But honey, no one else wants to see that body. Sorry, it just happens to be the truth.    Johnny Bannister,   Here’s how Isabella replied to the message. . .   Johnny,   I’m so sorry to hear that my body offends you. Doubtlessly you are used to seeing very thin women modelling. That’s fine, but don’t you think there’s room in the world for plus size women to model too?   [...]

How to cut down on sugar intake

March 5, 2014 // 8 Comments

The World Health Organisation announced today that people all over the world are at risk of developing heart related health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure due to high sugar content in their diets. People all over the world are eating too much sugar in their diets. According to the NHS, Britain’s have on average 700g a week, which is the equivalent to 140 teaspoons. The recommended daily sugar allowance is 25g, which makes us 5% of the average person’s diet. Those are some alarming statistics. The average person is eating four times their daily sugar allowance. That additional sugar also means we’re getting too many calories, which is contributing to obesity. Most research, in fact, shows that sugar is the leading cause of obesity, eclipsing even fat. . Sugar is a leading cause of health issues ranging from obesity to diabetes to heart attacks. We need to cut down on our sugar intake and we need to do is soon. Sugar, however, is highly addictive. Quitting is not a simple case of choosing to have less. You need to know how to cut down on sugar intake your diet. According to dietician Alison Hornby, the best strategy is [...]
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